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What are things to be considered while choosing a web hosting site?

A web hosting company is one that provides individuals or organizations with internet space to host their websites which are then accessible via the internet to each and every person around the globe. The scope and basic functionality of hosting services vary widely. The most basic form of web hosting is web page and file hosting, where files can be uploaded via file transfer protocol or through Web interface.




The files are normally delivered to the Web "as it is" or with little processing. you will find many internet service providers that will provide this services free of charge to you. Also you can obtain Web page hosting from other, alternative service providers as normally Web page hosting is free, advertisement sponsored, or cheap. But however Web page hosting is generally sufficient only for personal home pages. A complex site calls for a more comprehensive package that provides database support and application development platforms (e.g. PHP, Java, and ASP.NET). These facilities allow the customers to write or install scripts for applications like forums and content management. These websites than become excellent sources for customer interaction which is essential for the development of e business management .

Technically web hosting companies provide you with space on there servers and also data centre space along with internet connectivity .there are several companies that provide you with web hosting solutions giving you promises true and false alike which makes your selection of the hosting company quite a horrendous task. we are providing the remedy to this problem by giving you a clear set of objectives if taken into consideration goes a long way in completely satisfying your primary needs regarding a website .the following table gives you those set of objectives that should be look into 

1. Your requirements
2. Technical service 
3. Reliability
4. Type of hosting services
5. Value for money

  • Your requirements: before getting into further obligation first decide on your expectations with the site .the first thing is the type of your site whether you need a personal site for yourself or a professional site to enhance business opportunities .also the kind of feature you are looking to provide in your site such as a search engine ,feedback form ,database and a hit counter to name a few possibilities .after getting a complete picture of your requirements than decide upon the company that provides you with those kind of services.

  • Technical services: one of the most important considerations you should consider while evaluating a web hosting company is the quality of technical service it is providing. Technical services include the amount of disk space provided, the maximum amount of downloadable data from the site and the number of domains the company is providing.

  • Reliability: another thing to be concerned about is the server reliability of the web hosting company. for that check out the previous records of the company regarding hosting uptime and make it sure that it is more than 99% which would mean not more than six hours of server failure in a year.

  •  Type of hosting services: check out the type of hosting service your service provider is giving you. There are different kinds of hosting services available that include dedicated server hosting, shared server hosting and clustered hosting. In a dedicated server hosting you will be given a complete server for your site which would mean a greater flexibility and choice regarding the kind of operating system to be used and the kind of hardware installed. however this kind of services are costly and not practicable if you are planning a personal site .for a personal site shared server hosting is the best option since the server is share by many people which meant that the price of using a server is also shared .but if you run a e business company and require a website that completely runs your business than even a dedicated server might be insufficient for you .you would then require a clustered hosting service where multiple number of servers are used to run your site.

  • Value for money: once you have gone through all the important considerations select the service provider that gives the best value for your money. Compare service providers providing the similar kind of features and then select the one that offers the cheapest price options. but while doing that never compromise with the quality