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Pay per click advertising:

What is pay per click ?

itís a kind of advertising strategy very popular among search engines and websites. In this pay per click advertising the search engines allow you to select keywords on which you would like your site to appear whenever a search is performed by the user typing those particular keywords.  Every time your add gets clicked by a customer you need to pay for it to the search engine or the websites which has generated those clicks.




Let's explain this with an example. When you put in a word or a sentence on goggles search box two types of list appear. The list of the sites in the center is the result of organic search or natural search. There is also another list of sites normally referred to as sponsored links which appear on the right side of the organic search listings. If you want your site to appear on the sponsored list you need to pay a specific amount of money for that particular keyword. The amount of money you pay will decide how high your site will be on the sponsored links list when that particular keyword is pressed. 

Also pay per click allows you to control the content of the add and the countries and regions where you want your add to be displayed. However how high your listing goes is not totally dependent on the money itself. It also depends on what the performance of the advertisement is so to say how many people actually clicked onto the add.

The two main leaders of PPC campaigns are Google and YAHOO formerly called Overture. These two are the most viewed searched engines around the world and hence they are the best places for PPC campaigns. Huge amounts of customer traffic can be directed from these search engines into you site using this PPC campaigns.

Results of our PPC campaigns are very quick and is guaranteed to increase traffic into your sites. The main advantage of PPC campaign is that not only traffic will come to your site also the quality of the traffic will be very specific as only those people will come to your site who are already looking for similar content and is genuinely interested on the type of content your site has been designed to provide