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PPC Campaign Management

Although PPC through Google Adwords or Overture is a fast and efficient way of advertising and gaining relevant traffic, setting up and managing these campaigns take some time, require expertise, and are no longer low-risk. Earlier all that was required was an understanding of terms like Max CPC (Cost Per Click), CTR (Click

Through Ratio), Average Position and you were on your way. Now things have changed on multiple fronts - bidding has become extremely competitive, the process has become more sophisticated and the tools & technology have advanced to keep pace with the requirement. Keywords you now want would probably be going for dollars, not cents. And the price seems to keep going up. 

And finally, we are confident enough about our capability to charge you only if you are convinced of the desired results that you see. Which means, we would discuss your needs and budget, set up, manage and monitor your PPC campaigns and charge you only if success parameters agreed on at the outset are met. What better guarantee can you get than to have to pay only after the results are seen.


We have the expertise and the technology to help you. Our tools and the trained team handling them figure out the not-so-obvious keywords to bid on, that would help your business, and could send you traffic at a much lower cost. Our systems closely monitor the performance of each Ad and the amount being spent with frequent changes to the bid to optimize on a

decent bid value, and then re-optimize it as others change their bids.


Just fill up the form adjacent to this with a brief description of your website and your business, your budget and any other details that you think might help. Let us spend some time on the analysis and get back to you with a mail asking more questions or with a proposal within 72 business hours. Go ahead and drop us that mail now at info[at]kwebmarketing[dot]com - or better still fill up the form to the left!