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Website SEO

The approach of Kweb Marketing to Search Engine Optimization is to educate customers on what is acceptable by Search Engines in order to improve your ranking for Search Results. We enhance the content on the website amongst other things making it useful for potential visitors and hence better liked by the Search Engines.

We also take care of technical details like utilizing the Title, the Description Tag, The Image ALT Tags, The H1 Headers and so on, all things that make your site user friendly and therefore liked by Search Engines.


At Kweb Marketing, we are aware of the business prospects at stake if your website is tampered with. Therefore, we would like to warn you of the bogus operators existing in the industry. In the guise of search engine optimizers they promise search engine ranking guarantees, talk about the power of "free-for-all" links, link popularity schemes or submit your site to thousands of search engines. These are futile exercises that do not affect your ranking in the results of the major search engines. At least, not in a way you would consider to be positive. You should also be wary of SEOs who either own or talk about shadow domains, add links from other clients or on doorway pages, sell keywords in the address bar, operate with multiple aliases or falsified WHOIS info, generate traffic from "fake" search engines, spy ware, or scumware, and so on.


In short there’s a lot to be careful about. We understand that your website is very important to your business and hence no risk should be attached to your trying to improve traffic to it. With a dedicated team equipped with hands on experience, we expect to add value in this sensitive as well as complex form of marketing. 

Contact us for a Free & No Obligation Proposal on what we can do for your website and to find out about the cost attached. We do initial research (which includes research on competing sides) and come up with a report on what we think would be a good approach to achieving greater traffic for your website through Search Engine Results. To find out more, just fill in the form to the left. Or mail us at info[at]kwebmarketing[dot]com. We promise you that you will be surprised with all that you learn from our Initial SEO report.