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Affiliate Management

Having a successful Affiliate Program is increasingly becoming important in determining the success of your online business. After all, affiliates are your business partners trying to sell your products and services, and ample time and effort should go into making them successful. Little wonder

then, that even a mammoth like Microsoft earned 96% of its revenue last year from its partners with its internal motto "We love our Customers and Partners"!


Managing a successful Affiliate Program however, can be time consuming at best, and tricky as well. First you need to be sure that your affiliate banners or links turn up on the websites that you would like to be associated with. Not only do you need to recruit the right affiliates, you need to monitor progress, weed out the useless ones, constantly communicate with the ones with potential and do what it takes to make them successful. You also need to figure out potential Super Affiliates and spend special time and energy in developing them. All this is NOT a part time job that can be handled on an as-and-when-needed basis. Try that and you will soon run out of all potential affiliates, and with it the chance of making a successful affiliate program that more and more successful websites want to promote. 

Kwebmarketing works with a large group of affiliates, and can create a group of affiliates who can start promoting your site immediately. We work on making them successful and advise them on PPC, create Keyword Lists they can use, advise them on SEO aspects, help them with original content that they can use, and so on.

Kwebmarketing is also constantly on the lookout for new affiliates, and manages relationships with them. We have several years of expertise in handling and managing Affiliate Programs for clients. Contact us with details about your program, the software you plan to use, and any Affiliate Network(s) you might have in mind. Or, just let us know about your website and your budget and let us propose the affiliate software or network for you. Fill up the form on the left for a FREE and NO OBLIGATION proposal on what we think is a good plan for an Affiliate Program for your website.

Go ahead and fill up the form now - or mail us at info[at]kwebmarketing[dot]com. We WILL get back within 72 business hours with a proposed Plan!