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Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO as it is normally referred to is a form of search engine marketing by which you try to improve the amount of traffic into a site and also the quality of visitors into it. This is done by improving the listings of the site in organic or algorithmic search engines and by effective PPC campaigns.



What a search engine does is that it provides for different kinds of listings on a search engine results page. This include the following

Paid per click advertising
Paid inclusion listings
Unpaid organic search results 
Key word specific listings.

Now what SEO does is that it provides for improvement of the number and position of listings in the main organic search results. But however SEO strategies are not plain simple procedures. These strategies vary with each and every specific site. Also SEO often requires the person to make changes in the source code of the site. Hence it also becomes necessary to incorporate SEO during the initial development and design of a site.

The best thing about our SEO program is that unlike some other SEO companies we do not try to generate automated sites or employ techniques which run the risk of getting the client sites banned from search engines. What we provide is a long term low risk strategy for search engine optimization. This is because we do not employ high risk strategies on client sites but on our own affiliate or content sites thus protecting the client sites.

Also we employ an honest approach with our customers and never give number 1 listing guarantees as no one can ever be sure of a number one listing. What we will primarily do is to go about enhancing content on the website so that it becomes more useful for potential visitors, and hence is better liked by the Search Engines. Also we use Google sitemap programs in order to check whether Google has any problem indexing the site which we are trying to optimize for there search engines.

We will also take care of some minor Technical details like utilizing the Title, The Image ALT Tags, The H1 Headers and so on, so that your website also has the characteristic that are required to be liked by a Search Engine .We do initial research and come up with a report on what we think would be a good approach to going for achieving better ranking for your website and for which key phrases. We advise you about the best keywords to go for, based on our research on the most popular relevant searches already taking place. Finally, we will educate you on the importance of being linked to by websites with similar content.