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Rediff PPC in India

What is Pay-per-click or PPC?

In this competitive world, effective marketing is the key to any successful business plan. Besides, the help of the print media (newspapers, magazines and journals) and electronic media (television), Internet is a great resource to publicize and promote their products. Today, thousands of companies use this medium to reach out to the vast majority of their customers.





Pay per Click is an online advertising model when the advertisers pay money for each and every ‘click’ delivered to his or her website from a link. The advertisements are served based on keywords and themes. Pay per Click is also known as ‘Cost per Click’ or CPC, ‘Paid inclusion’ ‘Paid Listings’, ‘Pay per Ranking’, ‘Pay per Placement’ and ‘Pay per Position’. This is one of the most powerful marketing tools to promote online marketing. PPC is best suited for small to medium sized businesses and also for the sectors like the hotel and travel industry and consumer goods.

The Pay per Click process can thus be defined as the guaranteed placement of a small advertisement on the search results page for a particular keyword or keywords; the payment is made only when the visitor clicks on the ad and is guided to the advertiser’s website. No amount is paid by the advertiser to appear on the results page. A Pay per Click or PPC ad on the search engine results page will usually consist of a heading that mentions the name of the website with some brief introduction; this should however not exceed 50 words or characters. It can also contain a concise explanation (not more than 200 words or characters) of the products or services offered. While there are a few PPC search engines that monitor the text which appears in the listings, others are more open to using the advertiser's own text. 

Though Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture) and Looksmart are the three biggest Cost-per-Click engines operating worldwide, Rediff is also becoming immensely popular especially in India. It has shown its potential to make integrated, high quality, customized, interactive campaign for its advertisers and this makes Rediff one of the best suited online promotion choices to reach out to more than 35 million registered user base and more than 1.2 billion page views in a month. You will be surprised to know that in Pune alone, Rediff has a registered base of more than 1 million. has one of the best Pay-per-Click business models for the advertisers in India. All the advertisers willing to promote their product and services online can take the help of and endorse their ads on a pay-per-click basis on any of the following – the Home Page, the Job Search, the Inbox, the ‘Read Mail’ category, the ‘Sent Mail’ category, Rediff News, Rediff Classifieds and many more. These advertisements can be viewed by prospective consumers visiting the website,, from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune or can be customized on a pan-India basis. To target the NRI audience, the advertisements can be customized and displayed through the US edition of

The channel partners of

Rediff has a couple of partners in this business of pay4clicks, banner advertisement and targeted mailing campaigns. Riva Logic Technologies and Dimakh Consultants, both are channel partners with These companies have a group of SEMs or Search Engine Marketing specialists, who can guide the advertisers by providing them with an analysis of the web market and also informing them about the best cost per click engines that could steer the maximum amount of targeted traffic to the website.