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Emergence of Internet as a marketing channel- Blogging is in!

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Emergence of Internet as a marketing channel

Content is King!

What is meant by content? In simple words, the data that is found on a website can be defined as the ‘content’. So, it is obvious that the better the quality of the content, more successful is the website. Interesting and informative information will certainly draw more and more visitors every day and this can be achieved by constantly updating and monitoring the content.




So, you see, on the Internet content is the king and will continue to do so as long as Internet lives! This is because the Internet is the information superhighway and most people use it for information of some sort. 

The content of any website is easily viewable as well as measurable. It is nothing but the text of the site. So, if your contending website has more matter, try increasing yours; if the key words are more, try to do that with yours; and if you think that it has bigger headers, increase yours too. No, no! Don’t get me wrong. I am not asking you to replicate his site, just look at all the factors that you think you are lacking in and improve! However, you need to first ensure whether increasing will actually improve your site and makes it more valuable. So, don’t compromise on the quality until and unless you think that any additions will serve to better the overall look, feel and quality of your site. Let me give you some tips to augment the quality as well as quantity of the content of the website:

  • Try to publish an article on the topic at least once a month.

  • Since key words or key phrases, products and services are very important; write a page on all that you have to offer.

  • It is important that the headers of your page must have key phrases. If, they are not present, then be sure to add them. Also, the title of the page must be relevant to the content! 


However, if content is the king, then closely following its footsteps is linking. Adding content that is informative as well as interesting (after all who will want to read boring data however informative it may be) is important. Nevertheless, it is equally crucial is having the ‘right’ links to your site that will attract the search engines. The search engines very carefully scrutinize the links that are associated with your site and their views and opinions about the same. Thus if you have one or couple of links from the top notches of the industry, it automatically signifies that your website is important valuable and highly recommendable. On the other hand, if you have scores and scores of links from random websites, from the business which are not at all relevant to your operations, it means almost nothing. So, getting links is the first stage; getting good and appropriate ones from the well known websites is the key to your success.

Whenever, I have discussed this with people, the common questions that had cropped up were “What is the significance of a link?” or “Are they really important?”. Thanks to Google and the PageRank; the modern day search engines have attached a lot of importance on the links that are present in a site. In the good old days, good rankings were not very hard to attain – use of Meta Tags, titles, keyword density and so on would easily give you a decent ranking. But life is not so simple today. The search engines now use very complicated algorithm that requires the following:

  • The links in a website.

  • The quality of those links.

  • The views and comments mentioned about the site on the links.

  • The key phrases used.

  • The total number of links

So it can be rightly said that if Content is the king, Linking can be crowned as the Queen - and both of these are responsible in making your website the best in the industry.