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Emergence of Internet as a marketing channel- Blogging is in!

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Emergence of Internet as a marketing channel - Podcasting

What is podcasting?

Podcast can be defined as a multimedia file that is circulated over the Internet using ‘syndication feeds’ and is used for playback on mobiles and computers. The term ‘podcasting’ is derived from Apple’s “iPod”; however, to create or listen to a podcast, you don’t have to own an iPod or any portable music player for that matter. Thus, in one line, podcasting can be defined as the new age online media delivery. 




The ‘podcaster’ or the host of a podcast, issues some selected audio files through the net permitting the web users to subscribe by means of a RSS feed that will automatically receive new files. Podcasting allows you to fashion your personal online talk show and even radio program with content of your choosing. Some podcaster websites also offer direct downloading or transferring of their content; nevertheless, a podcast is differentiated from the other digital auto formats due to its ability to be downloaded automatically using software capable of reading feed formats such as ‘RSS’ or ‘Atom’.

The popularity of podcast

According to a study conducted by The Diffusion Group, a consumer technology research consultancy, the growth of podcast will reach sky high by 2010 - the report suggests that within 2004 to 2010, podcasting amongst the US consumers will enjoy a compound annual growth rate of 101 percent! That’s huge! This firm claims that the present day users though accustomed to downloading music for playback on their portable devices are still not well acquainted with the transferring of online 'audio blogs'. It maintains that the roots of podcasting lie in non-commercial amateur blogging; nonetheless, this non commercial status is rapidly changing as a variety of industries are using this medium to push audio content. Big names like ABC and NBC, with the help of MSNBC and CNBC are using podcasting to offer recorded newscasts via online download. Moreover, channels like National Public Radio, Infinity Broadcasting and Clear Channel Radio provides its consumers with a whole lot of popular and fashionable radio broadcasts for podcasting; Business Week created a particular audio blog that comes along with its latest study or research on the present day podcasting trend.

Podcasting” was acknowledged as the ‘word of the year’ 2005 by New Oxford American Dictionary. Some other names were also suggested; these included ‘Netcast’, the name recommended by podcaster and technology journalist Leo Laporte partly in response to cease-and-desist letters sent by Apple to companies and individuals using the word 'pod' in their product's names. Howver, none of the terms were accepted as widely as ‘podcast’.

The various uses of podcasting:

  • Podcasting is now used for teaching lessons in school. In the year 2004, the Musselburgh Grammar School was the first to launch Education Podcasting with foreign language audio revision and homework. Soon following its footsteps were The Room 208 Podcast, Radio WillowWeb, and Room 613 Talk. 

  • Various religions have used this medium for “godcasting”. Quite a few churches use podcasts of talks and sermons. ‘Disciples with Microphones’ provide podcasts relating to the Catholic Church. 

  • Politicians from major political parties in the United States use Podcasting.

  • To help the visually impaired, public libraries are allowed to podcast local Publications (free of copyright) to offer spoken word alternatives. Certain non-profit organizations use podcast readings of short format magazine articles for these visually challenged consumers.